February 20

Too Wilde to Tame by Janelle Denison {Review}


It’s no secret, Mia is a wild and crazy partier. Her reputation isn’t fabricated, because she will do about anything when she’s out at the bar, intoxicated or not. She knows Cameron doesn’t approve because he has a thing for her, but she flirts with danger by continuing her wild ways.

Despite her reputation, Cameron can’t shake his feelings for Mia. It only increases when Mia comes to Cameron for help when she becomes a victim of a very personal attack. Photos of Mia during her crazy partying are leaked to her, and she goes to Cameron, as he is a private investigator.

Is Cameron able to tame the wild girl and open her eyes to the damage she’s done to her reputation? I thought this book wasn’t half bad, it had a descent storyline and was easy to read in a sitting. I would rate it at a 4/5.

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Too Wilde to Tame (Wilde Series, #3)

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