July 6

Vera Mortina by Dimitri Markov {Book Review}

This is the first medical-psychological thriller that I’ve ever read. I normally am drawn to thrillers, and enjoy reading them very much, but haven’t had any that explored the medical world.

The beginning of the book had a rough start. Many things were being repeated, and the organization of thoughts were jumbled a bit. There were also quite a bit of errors that were a bit distracting, but overall I enjoyed the plot.

I like Vera as a characters. She’s intriguing and mysterious, but also dangerous to almost everyone around her. She’s been recently hired at the hospital, which is coincidentally when patients begin dying in curious ways.

I have found out that this is actually the fourth book in a series of other medical thrillers. I did not have any difficulty keeping up with the plot, considering I haven’t read any of the other books.

The entire book was built with suspense, and intrigue. By the end of the book, I was not disappointed, and would be interested in starting this series from the beginning.


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