January 31

I Was an Unsolved Mystery by Thomas Lion {Review}

An American Fugitive Story

I was very intrigued by this book’s cover, which is mainly why I chose to read it in the first place. With many states legalizing marijuana and other states putting marijuana users in jail, it seems very controversial. This is Thomas Lion’s story of how he was hunted down by the American Federal Government and was even on America’s Most Wanted List for selling cannabis.

This read was an eye opening experience into the drug world. How drug dealers become dealers, the dangers they go through and the experiences that occur for them on a daily basis. Crime, Sex, Drugs, Money, it’s all included in this in-depth personal tale from Mr. Lion.

This book is especially great for anyone who views cannabis as a bad drug, or feels that it is a gateway drug. Many people view marijuana as equally harmful as other street drugs out there. In my personal opinion I feel the plant is more helpful to those who need it’s beneficial effects, than it is bad to those who use it recreationally. It was a great book, highly recommend to everyone! 5/5!

I Was an Unsolved Mystery: A Fugitive's Story

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