March 22

Unbound by Kara Jaynes {Review}


Oppressors go into the forest where the savages live, and kidnap the people that live there. They claim them as slaves and take them back to the city where they live. The savages have a collar that is connected to their masters arm band which can shock the slave at anytime. Initially the savages are broken in by shocking them and breaking them of their ways of the forest.

Adaryn is a savage that lives off the land, until she is captured by Aaric who feels he needs a slave to meet social acceptance. Fortunately for Adaryn she is not broken in like other slaves are in the city. She is cared for, and deep down inside she knows she will not be harmed.

It’s a story about the connection between what is supposed to be an oppressor and a savage. They find that they are both just humans and grow closer. He does not see her has a savage, despite what society has taught him, and she learns that he is not like any other oppressor she has heard of.

This is a short novella, which makes it a quick and fun read. It’s really very sweet and I enjoyed the read. I give it a 5/5 and look forward to reading more from Kara Jaynes.



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Unbound Enchantment (Unbreakable Force, #1)
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