January 30

The Searcher by Ray Dacolias {Review}

After finishing chapter one, I instantly knew it would would be a book that made a lasting impression. This is the second book I’ve read by Ray Dacolias. I really enjoyed reading The Tragedy of Woman and it was the reason I was so excited to read The Searcher.

I would describe this book as being descriptive and wordy, but for the most part, it wasn’t too bad. He really knows how to describe things in a way without being excessive or redundant. There were some times where I came across a description surroundings, that would go on for a few pages, but I thought that it was fastidiously intended.

There is a great amount of back story with each of the characters, including the villains. The reader will fall in love with the heroes, and anticipate the downfall of the villains. Everyone is so adequately described, there’s no sense of confusion on who the characters are, or what their purpose is to the plot.

Along side the plot, there are plenty of controversial topics and philosophical questions, which made this a book I spread over a few days as I found myself pondering quite often. I got a sense that the author might be considerably religious.

Overall, I would categorize this book as a mystery, but since there is so philosophy and other musings, I found I was initially torn by which direction I wanted the book wanted to go in, but ended up just going for the fusion the author intended.

The Searcher will infiltrate your mind with philosophical thoughts and vivid imagery, definitely worth a 5/5!



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The Searcher

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