August 7

The Science of Why by David Forbes {Book Review}

Review2The Science of Why: Decoding Human Motivation and Transforming Marketing Strategy

This book dives into a whole new world of marketing. The things advertisers to appeal to a certain person or a personality type. Mr. Forbes plainly knows what he is talking about, as he is founder of Forbes Consulting, working for over twenty years as a strategic marketing research consultant, dedicated to creating business advantages through psychological consumer opinions and reactions. He even has a Ph.D in cognitive psychology. Dr. Forbes has won many awards and has been recognized for many years.

It really is quite fascinating how you can change the idea or the perception of an advertisement based on how you promote, what your main focus is on, and the personality type you are engaging. At times the book read like a textbook, but I was intrigued enough to doodle some notes. David Forbes does a good job at keeping your attention focused on the book, while also being educational and direct. A main topic is explaining how to make an emotional connection with the consumer, so it would only make sense that he would be able to do so with the consumers of his book.

I always knew about the things Mr. Forbes discusses in his book, but I have yet to read a book that describes and explains it so well, that I walked away knowing I learned something, that is until I read The Science of Why. This isn’t just a great book for an advertiser or someone who works for marketing, but also the consumers who are affected by the advertisements you view on a daily basis. Without a question, this is a 5/5 book.



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The Science of Why: Decoding Human Motivation and Transforming Marketing Strategy

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