March 21

The Beauty of the Fall by Rich Marcello {Book Review}

Dan is the focus of self destruction. His life hits unexpected roads and turns, that lead to eventual success, but the paths that he chose at times were difficult. The entire book is full of twists and turns that take the characters in different directions physically and emotionally.

You can tell that Rich Marcello knows his way around words, as it was written beautifully. His words flow like poetry, but read like a novel. The book is written like a dream, with events and situations morphing into one another. In some parts of the book, it’s written purely for portrayal.

I feel you can sense the emotional turmoil from the characters, as well as the author himself. He seems to have a connection with the dark side in his mind, which helped set the tone for the readers. I found it to be very emotional in both dark with some hopeful scenarios threaded thought.

While still having the theme of being very dream like, I think it flowed very well. The reader shouldn’t interpret this as confusing, but as interpretive. This is not the type of book you read once. I would think this will be a book, read again and again, finding something new and different to think about with each new experience reading the book. Just the authors writing style could take one read through just to get the hang of. Overall, I would give this a 4/5, although it was amazingly written, this is a more difficult book to get through, since it’s more than just absorbing the plot.

The Beauty of the Fall

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