August 1

The Alienation of Courtney Hoffman by Brandy Stefani {Book Review}


You’ll quickly learn all about Courtney Hoffman and what makes her a typical teenage girl, along with what makes her extraordinary! Just like her Grandpa, she has a brain anomaly that is probably the reason for the alien’s visiting her in her bedroom, and it’s these abilities that make her a one of a kind character.

This is a book you can pick up and instantly become hooked. She is quickly putting the pieces of her life together, including her mysterious tattoo her Grandfather gave her.

I really enjoyed this young adult, alien, sci-fi novel. This book mixes well with typical teenage behavior and issues, combined with the aliens that make this a more unusual then typical, making it easy enough to love even if this isn’t your normal go-to genre. It incorporates a little something for everyone, by being evenly balanced in teenage drama, and exciting alien mystery. Though, I think this would be a book I’d recommend more so to a young adult, and not someone who’s really into reading sci-fi.

The plot of course is a little outlandish at times, but what do you expect from a “normal” girl who’s seeing aliens. I’d even say it’s quite thrilling at times. The book doesn’t hold a lot of substance, it’s a quick read, which I think fits into the young adult genre perfectly. Honestly, you could possibly categorize this book in an even younger age group,

Overall, I’d say it’s a great 4/5. I look forward to reading the sequel later on.


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