July 21

Creole Moon The Betrayal by S.T. Holmes {Book Review

Review2I was kind of just going through the motions while reading this book. It didn’t grab me like other supernatural type books usually do. The main character is an soldier in the Confederate army, who has a twin brother. He’s in town for his brothers wedding. Weddings are not George’s thing, as he has different views on life in comparison to his twin brother. Everything changes, and he is forced to take a different life path when a woman becomes involved.

The story is following George and his realizations that there is more to life than what he originally thought. Unlike his brother who is caught up in marrying, and having children, something his absolutely not interested in. Everything changes when it appears he has fallen in love with a woman, under her influence of a spell, against his free will.

I enjoyed all the magic this book incorporated. It was mysterious, and not completely stereotypical of books in this genre. The book was set up for an eventual sequel it seems. I would be interested in finishing this series if Holmes writes book number two.

I also really enjoyed this book being set in Louisiana. The whole state has a mysterious setting to begin with, so this book couldn’t have been written in a better setting.

Since the book didn’t really grab me like I had hoped, and at times I found the plot to be a bit confusing. It was a little scattered, and could use a bit more organizing. It wasn’t bad enough to be disconcerting. I give this book a 3/5.



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October 26

Illuminarium by Truth Devour {Book Review}

Soliloquy’s Labyrinth Five Series Book #1

One thing I can say for certain about Truth Devour’s books, is they all have a theme that contains strong language, and some in your face scenes that always get the point across. The descriptions she provides give the reader a great mental image, and suck them right into the story line from the very beginning.

I would categorize this book as a supernatural thriller/fantasy.

The beginning goes into great detail describing the Redwood National Forest, and why the characters were drawn to the trees and the nature it contains. With all the negativity and the worst sides of humanity, Harper is searching for harmony and peace in her life. What a better place than Redwood National Forest, known for it’s very qualities.

Harper finds and follows an owl, leading her to find a strange and curious book in the woods which leads to her life changing upside down and sucked into a strange and uncharted world.

During her expedition she lives alongside the character in the book, York. Although York’s life stories are very much so in the past, Harper feels a connection to the stories in the present. This may sound confusing, but Truth did a great job at taking both stories and putting them on the same parallel line, keeping the reader on track.

The book contains a heavy amount supernatural, crime, thrill, and mystery. The concept of this book is absolutely unique and amazing! You won’t find anything else like it! I wasn’t able to put it down without finishing it. It’s a story within a story. The characters hold many dimensions and were described to perfect detail. I enjoyed this book very much and rate it at a 5/5.

This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Truth Devour, and I know it won’t be the last!



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