March 6

Shadow Informant by Edita Petrick {Book Review}

Shadow Informant is a murder mystery that has some unconventional murder methods. The victims all have a 4 diameter hole vaporized from their chest, which appears to be “inhuman.”

Carly is a homicide detective assigned to the case. She’s pretty amazing, and I like her style. There’s a lot of “paranormal” feel to this, but you can’t be certain, since they are inquiring with the military, on what they know about weapons that can vaporize five pounds of flesh out of someones chest.

This book could be considered paranormal or out of the ordinary with the murder mystery genre, which I found to be super exciting the whole way through the book. As the reader, you’re uncertain on what’s going on, and are following the mystery alongside Carly, and the other detectives on the case. I was uncertain on where the author would be taking the plot, and if was going to have a supernatural tone. I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read it, so you’ll just have to check it out to see if they can solve the murders by reasonable explanation, or if there’s more to this then what can be explained.

Everything was connected in this book, and Petrick doesn’t spend a lot of time with information that does not apply to the story line. I really like her writing style, and have just found out there are a bunch of other books written by Petrick, which I’m definitely adding to my shelf to read soon!!

I give this book 5/5. It’s not your typical murder mystery plot, and will have you hooked from the first paragraph!

Shadow Informant

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March 12

Death and Disappearances by Richard Smiraldi {Review}

A Tale of Horror and the Occult
I could not categorize this book into just one category. Its a psychological thriller and a mystery with a paranormal twist. I think it will appeal to quite a wide range of readers. It also has quite a dark tone that I found to be the most exciting part of the book.
The beginning of the story starts off kind of slow, but if you can get through the first two chapters, you wont be let down. Eventually you will be sucked in by intrigue and thought provoking. Smiraldi paints a great picture in my head with his creative use of words.
The story is a complicated twist of events, but you definitely had to make sure you were paying attention to all the small details, because they eventually come back around later in the book. The whole book is full of twists and turns that were all very unexpected, but enjoyable.
Richard Smiraldi has a great imagination that I found to be the aspect to keep me hooked on the book. He develops the characters in a strong and realistic way. They are all relatable and I felt like I knew each and every one, on a personal level. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the mystery, suspense, thriller, or paranormal books and give this book a 5/5.

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Death And Disappearances: An Urban Paranormal Mystery

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February 12

Dead Mentors by Sandra Nichols {Review}

I’ve always been extremely intrigued by those who can read auras and souls, or psychics in general. Sophia Deming goes into John Burns office for a reading, and ends up leaving with a quest to find answers in her life. You’re taken on a journey of Sophia’s life through the eyes of John by remote viewing. Sandra Nichols does a great job at describing Sophia’s life through John, which is a unique talent, as many authors I think would struggle with this.

The very descriptive author has a very unique writing style that I found to be entertaining and riveting. You can’t possibly consider skimming over this book. If you skip one sentence, you’re missing out on vital information. Unlike some other books, I was not inclined to skim over any parts, and made sure to absorb every word.

She depicts clear images on everything she describes. Reading Ms. Sandra’s book was fun and entertaining. It was just the type of book I usually crave. I like the books that make you think. I found myself rolling around in thoughts about the book, even when I wasn’t reading it. I just enjoyed the overall sense of feeling I got when reading Dead Mentors.

The book was unpredictable and kept me on my toes guessing what would happen next. It’s definitely the type of book you can read over and over and find new things you didn’t notice or think about. I know I plan on reading this book again. I know my love for the book will only grow every time I open it. Without a doubt a 5/5 book.

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Dead Mentors
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