February 10

Redfall: Freedom Fighters by Jay J. Falconer {Review}

Review2Book #2
Although some of the authors plots can be a bit of a standard concept in most books and movies these days, Falconer knows how to add enough twist to make his books stand out from the mass. Even when I was starting to doubt his ability to have new ideas on old plots, he surprised me every single time!

This being the third book I’ve read of his, I think it’s safe to say I really like his writing style. He packs it so full of action, it’s almost non-stop. The climaxes in the book are often, with very little time in between. In this book, there seems to be a theme of conspiracy and espionage.

Of course, Falconer shows off his knowledge of military intelligence, and other combative training which goes great with his imagination on what the government and society would be like in the intense situations he writes.

One of my favorite aspects of Falconer’s writing style is the way he can drop hints about the mysteries of the books, making the reader feel involved in the unveiling and uncovering process. He’s definitely not one of those authors who just fills the pages with filler, everything he writes has purpose and reason.

All his characters are plenty developed, so it was great to get reconnected with them again, after book 1. I have already read book 1, and wouldn’t recommend skipping it before reading. The characters are so badass they’re worth becoming invested in with book 1. It’s a 5/5 for me!



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Redfall: Freedom Fighters (American Prepper Series Book 2)

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February 4

Redfall by Jay J. Falconer {Book Review}

Review2Book #1
I’ve only read one other book besides Redfall from Falconer, and I’ve noticed that he has a great ominous and dark feel to his writing. There are parts to Redfall that I would even categorize as morbid and perversive. He does a great job at portraying anguish and despair.

With this being said, I was instantly hooked after reading the memorable description of the Pay-Per-View Execution in the first Chapter. The disheartenment that is projected onto the reader, cannot come from just any great author.

The combination of tribulation with science fiction, is what really caught my attention on this book! Of course, there’s tons of mystery and intrigue mixed in with everything, which keeps you hooked from the very beginning. On top of all that, Falconer also has an amazing way of describing the intense action scenes.

The book is written from many different view points, and it switches throughout each chapter. I found this really drew me into the book. Sometimes to find out what happens to your favorite character, you have to read through a side character first. I can always appreciate an author who can write character and scene breaks properly, keeping the reader hooked.

It’s not a very long book, so it makes a perfect read for road trips, plane rides, or a rainy day inside. I’m just happy that the second book has already been written, because I’m absolutely hooked on the characters and what’s going to happen to them next.

This isn’t your normal dystopian sic-fi read. I give it 5/5!

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Redfall: Fight for Survival (American Prepper Series Book 1)

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January 25

Glassford Girl by Jay J. Falconer {Review}


Part One in the Emily Heart Time Jumper Series

I finished this book in one sitting because I could not put the book down. From the first sentence, I was intrigued and hooked by the introduction to a time traveling teenage girl. Emily Heart is an amazing character that can jump through time. The jump can only be made in times during her lifetime. Which makes for an interesting plot on the time periods travelled to.

She is adventurous and exciting, jumping over the course of 30 years. What’s great about Emily is the fact she is so normal. She’s imperfect because she is human to her core, and deals with her abilities as if she was an ordinary teenager in today’s time.

It’s always more enjoyable to read about a character who has realistic reactions and emotions. She’s already unpredictable and unique with her abilities, she doesn’t need anything added to her human teenage self.

The author puts a whole new twist to the science fiction genre. It’s not your normal sci-fi novel with the same over done plots. His writing will make you want to read the next chapter, even though it’s midnight and you have to wake up early. You won’t see books written about time travel, written like this book.

I’m anxiously awaiting the sequel to the Emily Heart Time Jumper Series. You have to open this book up to learn about how Em came to be a time traveller. She will take you on quite a ride as as she travels through different times. She lead quite a dramatic life for a fifteen year old. I was so sucked into the story, I almost believed it was true. I give this book 5/5.

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Glassford Girl (Emily Heart Time Jumper #1)
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