February 4

Redfall by Jay J. Falconer {Book Review}

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I’ve only read one other book besides Redfall from Falconer, and I’ve noticed that he has a great ominous and dark feel to his writing. There are parts to Redfall that I would even categorize as morbid and perversive. He does a great job at portraying anguish and despair.

With this being said, I was instantly hooked after reading the memorable description of the Pay-Per-View Execution in the first Chapter. The disheartenment that is projected onto the reader, cannot come from just any great author.

The combination of tribulation with science fiction, is what really caught my attention on this book! Of course, there’s tons of mystery and intrigue mixed in with everything, which keeps you hooked from the very beginning. On top of all that, Falconer also has an amazing way of describing the intense action scenes.

The book is written from many different view points, and it switches throughout each chapter. I found this really drew me into the book. Sometimes to find out what happens to your favorite character, you have to read through a side character first. I can always appreciate an author who can write character and scene breaks properly, keeping the reader hooked.

It’s not a very long book, so it makes a perfect read for road trips, plane rides, or a rainy day inside. I’m just happy that the second book has already been written, because I’m absolutely hooked on the characters and what’s going to happen to them next.

This isn’t your normal dystopian sic-fi read. I give it 5/5!

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Redfall: Fight for Survival (American Prepper Series Book 1)

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February 2

Meritorium by Joel Ohman {Book Review}

Review2After a few chapter into book two, I knew this book was going to be much slower than the first in the series. There is a an abundance of information about various animals, which I enjoyed the most. I think theres a big improvement in Mr. Ohman’s writing style since Meritropolis. His writing has become much more direct, getting the point across clearly, with less filler words.

There is a lot of self reflection and the major characters are analyzing themselves and their situations much more. This book ended much like the first book, with hopes for an additional book! I give this book 4/5.



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February 1

Meritropolis by Joel Ohman {Book Review}


There are many parts of this book that resemble other plots in popular books. Meritropolis can be easily described as a dystopian. Considering the ages of the characters, and that Mr. Ohman writes in conservative way without adult content and violence, it can easily be put in the YA genre.

If you like Maze Runner, Divergent, or even Hunger Games, you’ll want to read this one considering the similarities they all have. There are plenty of social issues, and personal issues for everyone to relate and connect to in some manner.

The writing style took me a little while to get used to, as I found some sections of the book to be overly detailed. There were times too much information was thrown out at me, and it took a bit more to fully comprehend, than I normally enjoy.

Meritoropolis definitely caught and hooked my attention from the beginning. The ending will have you hooked and looking for the sequel! I give this book 4/5.



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Meritropolis (Meritropolis, #1)

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Meritorium by Joel Ohman {Book Review}

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January 30

Legend of the Stone Ch. 1 by L.R. Ballard {Review}

Loserville Engineering The Successions Book 1

The world as we know it is gone, ruined and destroyed by the apocalypse war. The year is 3022, and technology is no longer how we know it to be today. Some of the developments have been created on the moon. Merlin contemplates using magic on humans, not knowing if they are worthy of the power or not.

Much has changed since the war in 3000 A.D., the most devastating war known to man. chemical and nuclear weaponry is to blame. Technology allows humans to be studied as prototypes as a super soldier with gravity wings, and other benefits created with technology.

This is an interesting and entertaining dystopian futuristic book with a plot you won’t be able to tear yourself away from. Lucas is studied by scientists as he is given things like gravity wings to be the first prototype of the super soldier. His other general abilities are limited, he is only taught what he will need to pass the tests. There’s torture and tests, more torture and more tests.

I thought this book was pretty well written and held my interest throughout the book. It’s a short and to the point book that I finished in one sitting. I wish the cover had an image that portrayed what the book was about. I enjoyed the read, and would recommend this to any dystopian fans, or those who like books about a future world that is completely different from our own today. I give this book 5/5.

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Legend of the Stone: Chapter I (Loserville Engineering The Successions)

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