March 24

A Kind of Woman by Helen Burko {Book Review}

After the War, everyone is struggling to start over. Jacob and Rachel are each traveling alone, until they meet each other. Instantly they find a connection, and agree to travel together. There are obstacles along the way as they try to run away to a country they can start over, possibly together.

The story line is slow, but intriguing. This isn’t a situation many people are put in. Jacob and Rachel each have their own personal stories of how they survived the war. They may be strangers, but they come together for the common goal of starting over and creating a new life. I could never put myself completely in the shoes of the characters, but I still try to imagine, considering the situation, if I could put so much trust in a stranger like they each did with one another.

The book is full of historical facts that that went along with the plot, making this work of fiction seem like it could have been a true story. So many people who survived the war, still had so many obstacles to overcome as they came out of hiding. In this story, after Jacob and Rachel had already formed a connection, Rachel is accused of working with the Nazis. Jacob makes the decision to use his education from before the war, when he was a New York lawyer, and defend her in court, as his wife. I enjoyed reading Jacob and Rachel’s story. It’s not your typical love story with all the war conflicts and accusations. I give this book 5/5!

A Kind of Woman

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July 21

Exit Five from Charing Cross by Valerie Keogh {Book Review}

Review2This is far from the typical mystery novel. The plot is intriguing enough, but it starts off slow. It wasn’t until I was over half way through the book that I became truly hooked. Valerie Keogh knows how to write a story with characters who are easy to feel for.

Jake, the main character goes through so much drama throughout the book, dealing with obstacles in every chapter. For a protagonist who is intriguing enough, and easy to sympathize with, he’s also a frustrating mess. There were times I was hoping he’d disappoint and fail, other times I was rooting for his success.

I never knew how I was going to feel about Jake, or what was actually going to play out. Jake’s mind worked in such mysterious and curious ways, that it was fascinating to see him come to the conclusions he did, and how his mind worked under pressure.

The book is full of turns that you probably won’t see coming. The character is a bundle of emotions and is constantly struggling with one thing or another. His struggle was tolerable only due to Keogh’s writing style. Not many people can put so much angst into a book without it being the main focus of the plot.

What can I say about the ending that won’t spoil it for the new reader? I can’t say much, but it was quite an interesting twist that really makes me hope that there will be a sequel in the future. Overall, I give this book a 4/5.




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July 7

Sinners Heart by Ann Marsiliano {Review}

Review2Johnny is one of the main characters, and he is the most selfish person you will ever read about. He believes everyone around him is there to serve him and give him everything he needs or wants. Because of his horrible selfish behavior, his father gives him the choice to shape up, or get out. In his father’s eyes, Johnny is his only.

As Johnny’s life spirals out of control, despite his fathers initial financial help, he is still determined to show everyone that he isn’t who they think he is.

At times I found this book to be a bit confusing, but I was impatient, and didn’t let everything come together with the plot as the pages went on. It wasn’t the typical writing style you see today, but it kept my intrigue enough to finish the book, and I found it wasn’t half bad.

It wasn’t normally the type of book I find myself reading, but I did enjoy it. Especially when all the puzzle pieces finally came together. I’d rate this book a 4/5.



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