July 12

The Secret of Heaven by Felix Alexander {Book Review}

Review2This was a book I didn’t expect to love as much as I did. The stories and scripture from the bible is incorporated into this modern mystery by Felix Alexander. I don’t think the synopsis of this book does it justice.

The author does a great job at slowly giving you enough information about each character, to keep you informed, while also being intrigued. It starts off to a slow but decent pace, and quickly turns into a complex mystery with a lot going on all at once.

What I really enjoyed about this book, was that it wasn’t overly religious. People who aren’t overly familiar with the bible, can easily pick this book up and understand the plot.

This book holds quite a bit of similarities to The Da Vinci Code. The story of ancient artifiacts holding secrets, only just now being deciphered in modern time is a great plot, and I think Alexander did an amazing job with it.  It’s educational and perplexing.

The book goes back and forth from first person perspective, and third person, and sometime the transition wasn’t clear. There were some grammar and spelling issues that made this book feel like a rough draft read, otherwise I’d give this a 5/5.

I really enjoyed that this wasn’t an overly wordy or long book. It was the perfect length for me to get hooked, and take in enough information to grasp the plot, without a long commitment to a book over five hundred pages. This book was almost four hundred pages, which I found to be perfect.

Overall, I give this book 4/5.



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