February 22

Raging Falcon by Stephen Parkins {Book Review}

When writing sci-fi, it’s so difficult to capture the reader in the world you have created within the pages. I don’t think Mr. Parkins has any problems grabbing the attention of the reader, and enveloping them in the world he has built. With so much going on, it can be hard to lose yourself in what is being said, but I feel this was written with more of a mature young adult audience, so it’s not too challenging of a read. Plus, there is a list of definitions, meanings, and character descriptions in the back of the book that I found quite useful.

In the future when wars are no longer fought on battlefields, but rather in the power of the mind, everything is different, and nothing can be easily predicted. Of course with that sort of premise to the book, there is a lot of adult situations and language, but it adds to the natural order of things throughout the story line, and doesn’t feel forced or out of hand.This book was a lot of fun, and very thought provoking. A lot of the government issues and ideas in the book, can easily be compared to world problems of today. This made everything that much more believable and you see how he formed the parallels of the story line.

I am definitely giving this a 5/5 and checking out the other books written by Stephen Parkins.


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