February 21

Multiple Victims Murder by Arnon Edelstein {Book Review}

I was interested in this book because of my love for criminal psychology. I do enjoy reading a good murder mystery, but this wasn’t that sort of book. This was more of an educational book on different types of murder. I found this to be super interesting and I was engrossed in this vehicle on and off for a few days.

I do believe that there are different types of mass murder, at least when it comes to the psychology of the person committing the murders. Someone who commits a mass murder like a shooting can be impulsive, while someone who commits murder over a period of time, takes planning and commitment. The different types of murderers have different traits of a sociopath.

Although this book may feel a bit dry and text book like, I didn’t have any problem getting through it. If you enjoy learning about criminology, then this is a great starter book. It’s easy to read, and kept my interest. I give this book 5/5.


Multiple-Victims Murder


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