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Meritropolis by Joel Ohman {Book Review}


There are many parts of this book that resemble other plots in popular books. Meritropolis can be easily described as a dystopian. Considering the ages of the characters, and that Mr. Ohman writes in conservative way without adult content and violence, it can easily be put in the YA genre.

If you like Maze Runner, Divergent, or even Hunger Games, you’ll want to read this one considering the similarities they all have. There are plenty of social issues, and personal issues for everyone to relate and connect to in some manner.

The writing style took me a little while to get used to, as I found some sections of the book to be overly detailed. There were times too much information was thrown out at me, and it took a bit more to fully comprehend, than I normally enjoy.

Meritoropolis definitely caught and hooked my attention from the beginning. The ending will have you hooked and looking for the sequel! I give this book 4/5.



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