July 29

Looking for Alaska by John Green {Book Review}


I haven’t been a huge fan of John Green’s writing, and for majority of this book I didn’t think my opinion would change. It wasn’t until I read the Readers Guide from the Collectors Edition of this book. There were many questions that I had concerning the writing style of Mr. Green, and his answers definitely gave me a new perspective on his method of writing.

Let me share with you one of the questions from the Readers Guide.

  • Alaska wasn’t introduced as fully as the other characters even though the book largely centers around the effect she had on people (like the Colonel). Is that intentional?

I found this to be quite odd the whole time I was reading the book, and I wrongly assumed it was written unintentionally, making me think wrongly on the author. His answer is exactly what I needed to make me look at the book in a whole new light. I appreciate the intent he has in his writing style, and I actually enjoy the book much more after this specific question.

After reading Looking for Alaska, I am probably going to go back and re-read his other books, and give them another try. As for this book, I give it a 4/5. Since the collectors edition with the readers guide was a last minute purchase I realize that the questions I enjoyed so much, were not part of the book, and if it weren’t for the questions, I would have a different opinion on this book. I’ll probably re-read the book and see if my rating changes from there.



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Looking for Alaska

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