February 26

Kindle Paperwhite {Review}

I absolutely love my new Kindle Paperwhite! I had a Kindle Keyboard before, but saved every month for the Paperwhite. My old Kindle Keyboard had a nice leather case that protected the kindle, and it had a slide out light that lit up the screen for night time reading. The new one has a screen that is back-lit, which is what won me over.

It took me awhile to not hate e-readers. I thought they were trying to replace books, and Amazon and Barnes and Noble didn’t understand the love of books, that so many readers have. Until I got my first Kindle, and fell in love.

I can carry ALL my books, and not decide between my library, what I can pack on a vacation. I sometimes went with less clothes, just to fit more books while traveling. If you knew me, you’d know this says a lot. I can highlight words I need definitions on. I can take notes on what I’m reading, and pair it with highlighted sections. I can set as many bookmarks as I want. You can share highlights and progress with GoodReads, from the Kindle itself.

There are some negative parts to only having an e-reader. What’s your favorite author going to sign when they come to town? What happens when your e-reader dies? Or worse, breaks?

I’m still a firm book lover, and always will be. Now I just have my Kindle to go with my extensive library. Between the two, I’ll be reading until I die.




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