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In the Line of Fire by Teofil Tobias Reiss {Book Review}

As explained in the introduction, this book is the translated words of Teofil Tobias Reiss diary from 1914-1918. I imagine during that time, ink and paper weren’t always available, nor were conditions proper for writing. The fact that Reiss was able to keep his diary current, even if just to write a few words, is remarkable. Once you start reading the encounters Reiss, you’ll realize his story is remarkable too.

Reiss writes about some of the high ranking military officers who would be corrupt and demand orders be made, even if they were wrong. Reiss was a man who stood up for himself, even if it meant spending time in jail for disobeying orders. I found him to be an amazing survivor who fought countless times not just in battle, but with illness and heartache.

Even after his time in war from 1914-1918 he continued fighting, with a family at home waiting for him. He wrote to his family often when he was away, and those letters are included after the diary. I thought the book was very well put together. Teofil Tobias Reiss was a brave and heartfelt for not only surviving so much, but for keeping such a great recollection of everything as well. I give this book a 5/5.

In the Line of Fire: A Soldier's Diary WWI 1914-1918

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