March 11

Too Hot to Handle by Katie Rose {Review}

Review5The Boys of Summer Book 2

Jake is a cocky jock who knows he can get any girl he wants. The guys on the team are daring him to get the one girl they think he won’t be able land. Nikki Case is there to make sure the team doesn’t get in any trouble and ruin their reputation. If their reputation is ruined, it could affect the fans opinions of them, and at this point in the year, they need the support of their fans.

Nikki doesn’t take shit from any one and she certainly isn’t going to let a group of prankster jocks change how she does her job. She’s going to try even harder to not let the sexy playboy, Jake seduce her, despite the fact she hasn’t been with anyone in a long time.

Jake won’t turn off the charm on Nikki until he gets what he wants. Who’s going to win this game of seduction? Nikki, the headstrong and uncompromising woman who is determined to only do her job, or Jake, the ladies man who hasn’t been turned down, because he refuses to take no as an answer?

This book had a lot of substance that wasn’t revolved around erotica. I would categorize this book as a romance/erotica but it had enough romance and the love chase to not be overwhelmed with sex. Some books tend to not understand the balance between plot and sex scenes and they have too much of one. This one had a perfect balance, and I enjoyed reading Katie Rose’s writing style. I give this book 5/5.


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Too Hot to Handle (The Boys of Summer, #2)

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