October 21

Heaven is in Your Futur by David Arthur DuuRocher {Book Review}

Review2I found this book to take up a lot of focus and concentration. It’s definitely not a book you can read with a distracting background. It’s full of scriptures that are deciphered and interpreted by the author. Each interpretation is a refreshing new approach on old concepts. There are tons of topics and subjects that the author discusses, with points of views I’ve never heard before. I’m always interested in other people’s views on the same written word from the Bible that we are all familiar with. I find that another person’s ideas and concepts of the bible very interesting. As a reader, we all read the same basic words from the bible, but as people we each take something different away from the message.

I feel like the author was not out to convert or sway anyone from their own beliefs, but to just simply interpret parts of the bible, to apply to your own personal life to better yourself as a person, and to have a better outlook on life and the life lessons we all inevitably have to go through. I really think he has a unique way of writing about religion and scripture, which seems to make sense to the average reader. This book would be great for anyone looking to be more spiritual. I even think it would be a great book for a bible study group.

It goes over different verses and discussions for you to contemplate and run over yourself, or in a discussion/group. I found this to be very versatile. I give this book 4/5.





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