February 3

Heartbreak, Mourning, Loss by Ginette Paris {Review}


Volume One: Detach or Die

Heartbreak, mourning, and loss are three words I can say I am familiar with. Unlike other books I’ve read about these topics, I did not throw this book across the room in disgust and frustration. Her writing style was logical and to the point with specific examples from people in similar situations.

After finishing reading the whole book in one sitting, I did not feel like I had wasted my time as I have so many times before with other books on this subject matter. There are plenty of ideas and concepts she has impressed upon me, which I predict will change how I live my life in the moment, and how I view life after things have already occurred.

This book can best be described as realistic and direct. There isn’t much filler, giving the reader the information without distracting from too many examples or sidetones. After giving it 5/5 I know I’ll be recommending it to some people I know could benefit from reading this book.



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Heartbreak, Mourning, Loss, Volume 1: Detach or Die


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