December 1

Forged Through Glory by DeZré Storm {Book Review}


This book literally contains it all, science fiction, action, adventure, romance, and erotica. I have read my fair amount of books in each of these genres, but very rarely get to read them all together. It was quite interesting going from the action and adventure of a special operations unit of mainly men, to the erotica portion of the book when they gain a new member of the squad who happens to be female.

FTG is full of surprise, and imagination. It’s a fairly descent length book, but I read it much quicker than anticipated due to how great it flowed together. I imagine those who pick this book up for the adventure and action will be quite pleased with the erotica thrown in, and those who might pick this book up for the erotica, will be hooked to the science fiction plot as well!

I only wished that the characters themselves were described as well as everything else in the story. Regardless, the plot was creative and fun! Overall, I give this book a 4/5.



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GLORY DOGS Forged Through Glory

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