May 17

Forbidden Fantasies: Lulu by Markus Fredricks {Book Review}

Review2A photographer, who’s lost interest in his own wife, suddenly finds himself fantasizing about his new fifteen year old neighbor. Despite the fact he has a daughter who is the same age, he cannot help but be aroused any time Lulu is near. He knows that a relationship with any fifteen year old, at his age, is taboo and punishable by prison. Will he be able to control himself, with her teasing him only fifty feet from his office window?

I found the dialogue in the story to be a bit unrealistic and forced. This book is definitely categorized as erotica, and most of the story stuck to graphic subject matter. This book is mainly talking about sexual desires that are considered wrong or taboo is some cases, so this book isn’t necessarily for anyone interested in erotica. It has a different sort of erotica feel while reading it. I thought it was going to be unnecessary taboo, but I ended up liking it enough to give it a 3/5.



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