February 11

Erotica Shorts by Adrian Wells {Review}

Four short books full of erotica and romance. Some are unconventional and steamy, while others have more of a romantic side to them. No matter what type of romance/erotica you enjoy, this set will have something for you.

Adrian Wells can definitely think outside of the box, and give you quite a mental picture with her creative use of words. Considering some of the scenes in this set, I wasn’t surprised to find that Adrian Wells is a man. I give this series of books a 5/5.

While She Sleeps: 
Chelsea moves into an apartment with James since she’s strapped for cash. James is so kind to loan her money for rent, and even gas in her car. Chelsea is filled with guilt over the loaned money, so James comes up with a very creative way to repay him.

Unfaithfully Yours:
Robyn catches Thomas with the babysitters lipstick on him. Tracy, the babysitter is only seventeen! Her youth and beauty was something he couldn’t avoid. It didn’t help that Tracy seemed to feel something for him as well. Robyn will just have to figure out a way to punish Thomas for his very bad behavior.

Craving For His Touch: 
Ciara finds herself in a situation where she must be obedient and listen to the demands of a man who plans on doing things she’s only imagined. The control he has over her make her feel both fear and excitement. The sad thing is, she doesn’t even know if she will ever see him again.

Into the Night: 
He has waited in the nightclub for her to arrive for two days now. It’s not for lack of company, because he has plenty of woman who would line up just to sit next to him, and be seen with him. Finally his wait has paid off, because she walks in the nightclub and every guy in the club notices her. No one is allowed to have her, except him.

Erotica Shorts: Part One
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