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Duty and Betrayal by Toby Oliver {Book Review}

Although this is a work of fiction, a good portion of the background can is part of true history. With this part of history being so controversial with conspiracies, it’s impossible to know what was going on out of the public eye. This tale had a lot of information that was based off of truth, which I found myself researching to find out. I found myself intrigued on if characters mentioned by Oliver could have been from the past, or if they were created from his imagination. I found there was a good mix of the both all throughout the book.

There are many well developed characters that are part of the British MI5, the American CIA, and the Russian KGB. These sort of invisible spies all have a part in what makes up this tale of espionage. The times were different then, and it’s interesting to see how each organization thrived during the time before such intense technology that we have available to us today.

The entire book is full of suspense, and once I started reading it and found that I was on a roll, it was a difficult book to put down. I admit, it did take some time to get on the initial roll. I kept Google near by since there was so much I was trying to research and learn as I read along.

This normally isn’t the first type of book I’d pick up, but I was intrigued by the Fiction/Non-Fiction crossover espionage tale, and Toby Oliver did not disappoint. I give this book 5/5.

Duty and Betrayal: The SS Brotherhood and the NASA Connection

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