January 31

Devotional: Erotic Stories from the Sensual Mind by Phil Harvey {Review}

Review2I believe the author wrote this book with the purpose of making it sound scattered and random, but I feel it came off as unorganized and disheveled. The stories were a bit confusing to grasp. I wasn’t always sure what was being described, who was speaking, or what was being referenced. Re-reading portions of the story over and over again, became something that happened on every page.

The stories themselves, and what I understood from them, seemed to be entertaining though. Most were to bizarre and weird to be made up. They’re not all erotic in nature, but I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t want to read about extremely sexual scenes wrapped in drugs and lies.

I didn’t understand any true meaning behind any of the stories, except for the readers enjoyment. I applaud any author who can write down their life experiences, and that in itself is admirable. I give this book 3/5.



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Devotional: Erotic Stories for the Sensual Mind

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