July 4

Bully by Emme Dunn {Book Review}

Review2Emme Dunn is putting her name out in the world with quite a unique reputation with this book. It can only be categorized as LGBT, gay and lesbian, legal thriller. It will events based on true events that will show the reader how the American Justice System and the LGBT community go together, and reveal the struggles between the two.

Emme Dunn seems to know quite a bit about the Justice System and how the LGBT community is being affected by it’s prejudice, rules, and laws. It takes place in the 1980’s so the times are a bit outdated compared to what is going on in society today.

The pace of the story was a bit slow for me, but considering the topics, it was important that things were explained for everyone to understand, regardless of their knowledge of this particular subject. Plus, the characters needed quite a bit of description to get a full grasp on what type of people they were, and what their struggles were during this time. Once you get past the half way mark in the book, things start picking up, after you’re familiarized with everyone and the situations around them, after that the reading should be a breeze.

I found this to be an educational and interesting read, and is definitely worth recommending to many of my friends who I know will enjoy this read. I give this a 4/5.



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