February 21

Black Inked Pearl by Ruth Finnegan {Book Review}

This is a more challenging read, as it is written very much like poetry. The style is very unique, much how I imagine people first thought of Shakespeare during his time. The english is contrastive, and I think it’s meant to be read and interpreted to each individual reader. Unfortunately, I think it lead to me not understanding a large portion of the book. Although, I have had books I have felt the same way about, that I understood more each time I reread the book, so it is possible that this is one of those sort of books.

The main theme of the book is love and romance and big life experiences. All topics that are easy to ponder and reflect on. There is so much in this book that can even be compared to as dream like, really making you contemplate the symbolism and meaning behind every sentence.

Challenging but still enjoyable. I would easily rate this book at 4/5. I plan on rereading this in the future to see how the story changes with each new read.


Black Inked Pearl: A Girl's Quest


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