January 30

Alcohol and Cigarettes by Eric Leckey {Book Beview}

While I found the stories to be entertaining, I also found them, sadly too short. The ideas were great and I was disappointed at how quick some of them ended. I can imagine some of the stories being full length novels on their own. All of the stories were very much pulp noir, which is one of the more unique writing styles, that I think Eric Lackey totally nailed. Its not normally a genre I read for fun, but I think I am going to read Alcohol and Cigarettes again, and check out some more similar books. I’m pretty excited to start reading other books in this genre, this was a great peek into the genre that has me curious to read more like it. I noticed Eric Leckey has some other books I think Ill check out too, and I look forward to reading more by him in the future.


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